Mission Statement

Much of the daily news in popular media is often focused on the more sensational and negative aspects of what is happening in our world.  What tends to be overlooked, or get much less attention than it deserves, is all the good news that is out there.  The aim of this blog is to find those news items, specific to the Alberta region, that are more positive and uplifting and thereby provide a better sense of the potential this region of the world has.  This news can cover anything from science, technology, industry, business, the environment and politics.  Here you will be able to find information on developments in the Alberta region that may not be well publicized in the regular media but that may have a positive impact to the economy and the well being of its citizens.  We will also highlight accomplishments, breakthroughs, inventions etc. by Albertans to showcase the incredible talent this province has to offer.

In all our articles we strive to fact check as much as possible and to be as impartial and balanced as we can be.  This site is operated and funded independent of any government, corporate or lobbyist influence.  Any opinions expressed in any articles are the authors' views and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of this overall publication.