New non-profit group started to support Local Businesses in the Calgary Region

"Keepin' it YYC" has been formed to spread the word to support Local Businesses in the Calgary Metropolitan Region.
They are a non-profit group, started by Matt Clark and Casey Stannard in Calgary, that is driven to spread the word to support Local Businesses in the Calgary Metropolitan Region!
According to their Facebook page:

"Did you know that Calgary’s small businesses account for 95% of all businesses and that per capita, Calgary has the second highest number of small businesses of the major cities in Canada? Locally owned and operated small businesses reinvest your hard-earned dollars back into our economy through employing other Calgarians, by purchasing locally, and by paying city taxes. For every dollar spent in a local Calgary business district, $6 is generated for our local economy!

The current environment is devastating for our Local Businesses. In March, one in four businesses were reporting that they are not going to be able to survive a significant drop in income for more than a month. These businesses need our help.

We have launched the following in an attempt to help our Local Businesses:

1) A Private Group for Local Business Owners. In here we will be doing the following:

a. Staying on top of current news with regard to resources being made available to them and communicating how to take advantage of these resources most effectively
b. Facilitating collaboration and sharing of ideas with regard to actions they can take to adapt and provide their services in novel ways, whether it be for now or in the future
2) A Public Community Page showcasing Local Businesses to inform the public on their options to support local
3) A Public Group that everybody is encouraged to join to share what they personally are doing to support local, whether big or small

Based on initial feedback, we are planning on expanding onto other social media platforms to spread the word more effectively; however, we’re currently a small team so please be patient with us as we venture outside of our comfort zones!
Local Business Owners join the Private Group for free