Alberta non-profit organization has designed and makes A95 respirators

With guidance from researchers at the University of Alberta, ACAMP has designed and built an effective, reusable respirator to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

ACAMP is an Alberta non-profit organization that helps companies develop high-tech products. The filters of this innovative new respirator can be washed and are reusable. Their effectiveness was tested against N95-rated respirators by a team at Engineering at Alberta led by Distinguished Professor Warren Finlay, an internationally respected expert in the science of aerosol mechanics. Their findings rate the ACAMP A95 filters at the same level of filtration efficiency as commercially available N95 filters.

ACAMP CEO Ken Brizel had the idea to produce enough masks for every person in Alberta four weeks ago, after being shocked to see many unprotected people shopping for groceries. Ken Brizel has been working with local businesses and the University of Alberta to design and manufacture the respirators.

The body of the respirators is made of polyurethane or polypropylene, comes in an adult size only at this time, and provides an effective seal around the nose and mouth. The respirators filter two ways, protecting the wearer from inhaling the virus, and preventing wearers from exhaling it.

This work was supported by Mitacs through the Mitacs Accelerate Program, under the special COVID-19 call for proposals. Masks can be ordered here:

Founded in 2007, ACAMP is a unique industry-led advanced technology product development centre that entrepreneurs count on to move their innovation from proof-of-concept to manufactured product by providing access to multidisciplinary engineers, technology experts, unique specialized equipment, and industry acumen.

They are the only advanced technology product development group in Canada that provides a full range of support at each stage of the product development process, including:

  • Hardware, Software (ML/AI) & Firmware Design.
  • Simulation.
  • Prototyping.
  • Testing & characterization.
  • Low-volume production.
  • Design for manufacturing.

They are one of the few locations in Canada with expertise in Low-Temperature Co-fired Ceramics (LTCC), a specialized electronics packaging technology suited for harsh operating environments and high-frequency electronics. 

By the numbers

  • Their Edmonton and Calgary facilities are spread over a total of 14,000 square feet and house over $15 million in specialized product development equipment.
  • Since 2007, they have helped over 440 clients commercialize their technology.
  • Their clients are generating over $500 million in revenue annually.
  • On average, they support over 120 projects per year.
  • They have trained over 4,600 Highly Qualified Personnel.

ACAMP is supported by Government of Alberta - Economic Development and Trade, Alberta Innovates, and Western Economic Diversification Canada